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10 Psychological Triggers to Make People Buy from You & Increase Conversions

1. Availability & Scarcity Show a text when you have less products in stock like “only 5 items left”. So, people hurry up and buy now before they sold out. 2. Novelty Sell new things. The new trendy things makes it into people’s heart especially kids and young people. 3. Authority When a public figure sell anything, fan boys will tend to buy this thing. If you can hire a public figure to tell people to buy your products, do it.

Windows vs Linux RAM Usage - Is Linux Better Than Windows?

Is Linux better than Windows in RAM usage or RAM management ? Both Linux and Windows are full multitasking operating systems that use virtual memory. If the operating system does not have enough space of physical memory, it use swap memory. swapping means that if your actual RAM is totally used, the operating system will take some of the memory from RAM and copy them into the hard disk or SSD.

Is Ubuntu Good for Hacking ?

Yes, it is good but not recommended. The recommended operating systems for hacking are Kali Linux and Parrot OS as they are dedicated for hacking and pentesting with ready-to-use tools and apps. So, I recommend using Kali Linux for hacking and pentesting. And I do not recommend using it as your main operating system. What is my general purpose OS I recommend ? It’s Ubuntu for sure. Why use a dedicated OS for hacking and pentesting ?

Is Ubuntu Better Than Windows

To know if Ubuntu is better than Windows or not, we should compare important points. Here is a table of Ubuntu vs. Windows 10 comparison. Ubuntu Windows 10 price free 🆓 paid 💰 Security more secure 🔒 less secure 🙅‍♂️ Privacy great 👍 bad 👎 Performance better than Windows medium System Resources use less resources consumes alot of resources Updating better ❤️ horrible 👿 Live USB available by default on bootable USB sticks no Open Source yes 🧑‍💻 no Reliability and Stability stable black screen of death ☠️ and blue screens 🤦🏻 Options and Choices too many Linux distros, too many desktop environments, .

Is Ubuntu a Linux Distribution ?

Yes. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution for desktop and laptop computers. A Linux distritubtion (aka distro) is an operating system with a Linux kernel and GNU utility programs. Ubuntu is suitable for users and developers. You can use Ubuntu to create your own Android apps in Android Studio, or VS Code. You can create apps in Flutter for Android and desktop operating systems. You can use Ubuntu to surf the web with Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

Is Ubuntu a Debian Based System ?

Yes. Ubuntu is a Debian based operating system. Debian is an operating system using Linux kernel. Debian is known for its stability and reliability. So, Canonical built Ubuntu as an operating system based on Debian to maintain a stable reliable OS for users, developers and enterprise companies. Despite being Debian-based, Ubuntu has too many unique and different features implementation which makes it easily distinguishable from Debian itself. I personally prefer Ubuntu as it is feature rich with somewhat unique looking GNOME environment.

Is Ubuntu an Operating System ?

Yes. Ubuntu is an operating system. Its kernel is the Linux kernel. And the GNU utils which are the essential programs. And the desktop environment — which is the visible graphical interface — is GNOME. Ubuntu has too many desktop environment beside GNOME. For example, it has KDE plasma and known as Kubuntu. You can use Ubuntu like you use Windows 10 or Mac OS. It is a great operating system.

Pure vs Impure Functions Performance

I read this post on and wondered if functional proramming and pure functions makes your code slower or faster. So, I want to know that. The impure implementation of fizzbuzz in Javascript I used the javascript code from that articles of impure implementation of fizzbuzz and timed its execution by this command time node fizzbuzz-impure.js. for (let i = 1; i <= 1000000; i++) { if (i % 15 === 0) console.

Is Ubuntu Good for Programming?

If Ubuntu has the tools for programming. Source Code Editors code : VS Code. vim neovide : The snappiest vim editor you are likely to find. text editor gedit PyCharm-Community : The most intelligent Python IDE. Sublime Text : Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. notepad-plus-plus : a free source code editor. Android Studio : The IDE for Android. phpstorm Eclipse IDEA Community notepadqq IDEA Ultimate webstorm CLion PyCharm EDU RubyMine Rider Apache NetBeans goland code-insiders tpad : Terminal text editor with GUI-like user interface.

Is Elementary OS Good for Programming?

If Elementary OS has the tools for programming. Source Code Editors code : the source code editor provided by Elementary OS team. Visual Studio Code : Visual Studio Code. Code editing. Redefined. Android Studio : IDE to develop Android apps in Kotlin / Java / Dart (Flutter). Arduino IDE : electronic prototyping platform. Atom : text editor. BlueJ : Java IDE. Bluefish : text editor with many web software development extras.