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Recommended Linux Distributions In Brief

I tried too many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Clear Linux OS, Endeavor OS, Fedora, Debian, Deepin, Peppermint os, Pop! OS, Parrot OS, Kali linux, Void Linux, Gentoo, MX Linux, Zorin OS and CentOS. I was a distrohopper! After all those experiments and daily usage of different distros (short for distributions) with different desktop environments and package managers. I come to a point of view.

Intelligent Failure

Intelligent failure is when you learn from your failures. So you do not fail again in the same trap. make sure to analyse the system and detect the failure cause, modify the system so the failure does not occur again. This appraoch is perfect for all system that need to be versatile in the future. This appraoch is used in technology-development and self-improvement.

To Reach Perfection, Tools Must Be Boring

If you need to reach perfect outcome, you must use boring tools. When trying to open a laptop, you use a screwdriver which is a tool made too many years ago without any major improvements or hipster things. That’s the way tools must be. So to reach perfect software, you need a great tool that is backward compatible, fast, futureproof and simple enough to let you focus on the job at hand.