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Remove Exact Frames vs Force 24 Fps

Removing exact frames Video is composed of too many images, images come and go. We call each of those images a frame. So, if the video plays 30 images in time of a second, we call it is 30 frame-per-second video. We recording videos, there are some scenes with less motion which makes two or more adjacent frames (images) exactly the same. So we can compress those two identical images as one image, and reduce the total size of the video.

About Clarity

Clarity in Programming I hate it when clarity is not present. If you are a software developer trying to learn a programming language that has too many high level abstractions, you’ll feel it. It is almost magic when it works. But when you face a bug or error, the frustration is too big , and the problem’s complexity is doubled or tripled as it is not CLEAR. The answer is not to code in a low level language!

Why I recommend Mark Text as a markdown text editor ?

Mark Text is a great markdown text editor. Advantages of Mark Text simple and easy to use Realtime preview (WYSIWYG) : a.k.a seamless writing/editing with distraction-free writing experience fast enough and efficient open source software free of charge. Markdown extensions such as math expressions (KaTeX), front matter and emojis. export as HTML or PDF. support dark mode paste images directly from clipboard (a.k.a you can copy-and-paste an image). edit modes : source code mode, typewriter mode and focus mode.

My Vision for Teaching

The current education system is bad for humans. Why, What, How The current education system focus on “what is this?” and “how to use it” and “how it works?” and “how to create it?” .. that’s good but not good enough! This system makes people lose curiosity and eagerness to know. This system makes people step-followers like the machines which you give them instructions (code) and click run and the machine executes the code/instructions you wrote.

Why I recommend Peek as a Gif screen recorder ?

Peek has too many advantages as a git screen recorder. simple user interface easy to use fast enough and efficient available as snap, flatpak and appimage for Linux distributions with some other native packaging. open source software free of charge But Peek is not cross platform. It doesn’t support Windows 10 nor Mac OS X. Use Cases I use Ubuntu, Pop! OS, Elementary OS and Mac OS. So Peek works on three of my four operating systems.

Customized Software vs Standard Software

tldr Standard software is the software that is build for some functions to be used in several cases at many companies and shops. Customized software is the software created to fit the specific needs of the company to make the company function as accurately intended. I recommend standard software (tools) for small companies. But I recommend customized software (tools) for medium and big (large-scale) companies. Why customized software existed ? Large-scale companies need more features and scalability and cloud-based features which we can’t find in the standard software tools.

Heavily Customizable Software vs Opinionated Software

Software Developing Writing and maintaining customizable software is harder and time-eating. Building too many features with configurations and settings is nightmare. Heavily customizable software tools are good for various people with slightly different needs. But look at that complexity and maintenance efforts. Developing opinionated software is not easy too. But at least you don’t have too many opposite features with different implementations. You can research and test features and choose the best features to get the job done easily focusing on the user experience.

You don't need jQuery !

Published on Drew DeVault’s blog on August 19, 2013. It’s true. You really don’t need jQuery. Modern web browsers can do most of what you want from jQuery, without jQuery. For example, take MediaCrush. It’s a website I spent some time working on with a friend. It’s actually quite sophisticated - drag-and-drop uploading, uploading via a hidden form, events wired up to links and dynamically generated content, and ajax requests/file uploads, the whole she-bang.

Lazy Adopter

In contrast with early adopters, I am a lazy adopter. In programming, we use the word lazy to tell that this thing will be available or done at the right time, such as lazy-loading images. Lazy-loading images means that the images will be loaded at the right time just before their use. In technology, there are too many tech products and hype. But not all products’ promise come true. You need some patience and a little test of time for products and tools.

Recommended Linux Distributions In Brief

I tried too many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Clear Linux OS, Endeavor OS, Fedora, Debian, Deepin, Peppermint os, Pop! OS, Parrot OS, Kali linux, Void Linux, Gentoo, MX Linux, Zorin OS and CentOS. I was a distrohopper! After all those experiments and daily usage of different distros (short for distributions) with different desktop environments and package managers. I come to a point of view.