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What is the best Ubuntu version for developers ?

If you are a developer and want to develop on Linux for Android or Web or Linux, you need a stable performant version of Ubuntu. Stability and Updates Ubuntu has two main versions according to updating and upgrading; Long-term support (LTS) version and yearly upgrade version. Long-Term Support (LTS) Ubuntu Ubuntu LTS is the version of operating system that is supported for 5 years of bug fixes and security fixes updates.

Gtk or Qt or Flutter for developing Linux app ?

Gtk Gtk is the FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) of Linux GUI development. It is being developed by GNOME foundation to be cross platform. Its latest release is Gtk4 with GPU acceleration and too many features and advantages over the previous release (Gtk3+). GNOME desktop environment and Elementary OS use Gtk4 and Gtk3. Pop! OS started migrating from Gtk3 to Gtk4 with Rust programming language. Qt Qt is a cross platform proprietary framework which works on desktop and mobile.

How to add minimize button Elementary OS ?

Just open the Terminal app, and copy-paste this command and click ENTER. sudo apt install software-properties-common sudo add-apt-repository ppa:philip.scott/elementary-tweaks sudo apt install elementary-tweaks then go to System Settings > Tweaks > Layout > Windows. That’s it. We’re done. What is going on ? Elementary OS team thinks the minimize button is not a needed feature as it makes you have too many opened and minimized apps. Elementary OS team thinks that makes your computer cleaner and performs better.

How to create native GUI apps in Rust for Linux ?

Pop! OS developers team is taking this route. They are re-writing all apps and desktop environment (COSMIC DE) in Rust with GTK 4 library binding/wrapper. So, you can create native GUI apps in Rust for Linux with Rust and GTK 4. Take a look at the source code of popsicle app on github. Popsicle is a program is create bootable USB sticks, and they describe it as “Multiple USB File Flasher”.

Linux Mint in Brief

Linux Mint is a Linux distributions. It comes with a desktop environment called cinnamon DE. Cinnamon DE is similar to Windows 7 layout. So, too many people recommend Linux new users to start with it. Familiar Look Linux Mint has the familiar look of Windows 7. I can differentiate it by the greenish color of the desktop UI. Stable & Reliable Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu LTS. Ubuntu is a stable and reliable distro as it is based on Debian itself.

Don't show snap packages in lsblk command output

When your try to see blocks / devices in your Linux distribution that has snap pkgs installed on it, you’ll see too much devices (loop) but they’re not devices. They are actually snap packages. So, how not to show them in the output of the lsblk command. The lsblk command has an -e argument to help to exclude some devices/loops , so we can just exclude loops of snaps. All snap packages on my system has that 7 on them, so I can just exclude any device that has 7 in its description or title, so the command will be lsblk -e 7.

How to use dd to create a bootable USB stick ?

Using dd needs a geek or a developer! if you want to use graphical tools instead, use rufus, popsicle or ventoy. If you sure you want to use dd, here is the step by step guide. First, identify your USB stick (a.k.a USB drive) on your system using this command sudo fdisk –l. The USB stick in my case is /dev/sdb as you can see in the picture. So let’s unmount it via this command umount /dev/sdb*.

Popsicle - Linux utility for flashing multiple USB devices in parallel

Popsicle is a tool made by Pop! OS team. It is a simple tool to create bootable USB drive/stick. It is pre-installed on Pop! OS Linux distribution. Popsicle details in brief Features Value Open source Yes, on Github Free (of charge) Yes Programming language Rust can create a bootable Linux disro Yes can create a bootable Windows No Multilanguage (spoken languages) Yes English (the universal language) Yes uptodate yes, updated 3 days ago How to use Popsicle to create bootable USB sticks ?

How to remove an audio track from an mkv ?

You can use final cut pro x or iMovie on Mac OS, or Camtasia Studio or Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve on Windows, or DaVinci Resolve or Blender or Kdenlive or ShotCut on Any Linux distro. But I prefer command line tools. Install mkvtoolsnix or use HomeBrew to install it : brew install --with-qt5 mkvtoolnix. Use mkvinfo to get the audio track IDs that you want. command like this mkvinfo *.

10 things to do after installing Ubuntu 21.10

show battery percentage Here is the steps to show battery percentage. open the settings app select the power section switch on the toggle of the power percentage install a file preview tool If you used MacOS or ChromeOS, you know the ‘quick look’ preview app. This app show an interactive preview of a file, when you press spacebar. It is a good feature / app. You can use GNOME sushi as a file preview tool on Ubuntu Linux.