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Does a Zip File Reduce File Size ?

In most cases packing or archiving with zip / arj / rar / 7zip / bzip / gzip reduces the space used by the file. Actual file size (after decompression) stays the same. But according to Pigeonhole principle there should be files when compressed you won’t get any space reduction. Photos represented in JPEG format and most video formats are also pretty well compressed to start with. However, making a zip (or other type of archiving) archive out of a number of files still has the virtue of giving you a single file to move your stuff.

How to reduce the size of image without losing quality ?

two types of compression You can reduce the size of images by compression. But there are two types of compression. lossless compression lossy compression best website to compress images There are too many programs, apps and websites to compress images. But I see that website is the best one. In this website you have both types of compression. The lossless compression dosn’t lose quality, yet lossy compression make image lose a tiny amount of details.