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10 Things we knew from open-sourced Twitter algorithm

Twitter revealed its algorithm to the world as open source on GitHub. But what does it mean for you? I spent the evening analyzing it. Here’s what you need to know: 1. Likes, then retweets, then replies Here’s the ranking parameters: • Each like gets a 30x boost • Each retweet a 20x • Each reply only 1x It’s much more impactful to earn likes and retweets than replies. 2. Images & videos help Both images and videos lead to a nice 2x boost.

Three Mistakes You Must Avoid On The Internet

If you are a youtuber and/or blogger or have any business on the internet, make you you do not make those mistakes. Spam The repeated comment on Facebook on too many posts is spam. By this repeated post or comment, you spam the news feed on other users. And that’s a prohibited thing on all websites especially platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, .. etc). Scam When you post a link of a poll and say that this website give you an iPhone as a prize, you are scammer!

Is your Software Company a Feature Factory or Lean Startup ?

Progress If your software company just focus on delivering features.. more features.. more abilities.. more things into that project.. you burning money! You assume that you know what the users want. The best approach is to create a minimum viable product which has the bare minimum features to work, then discuss the current features and the suggested features from your clients/users. Then Think thoroughly about the features and integration. Then hand those features you decide to add with the edits to the current features to the development team.

Website Types

E-Commerce Website There are too many e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Souq, Jumia, AliBaba, .. etc. What you should focus on if you are about to create an e-commerce website ? showcase the product in a visual appealing way optimize checkout process with best practices Marketing & Business Website The vast majority of websites are the marketing websites and business websites. What is the goal of marketing and business websites ?