Value In Brief – by Abanoub Hanna
All You Need To Know Explained In Brief

10 Psychological Triggers to Make People Buy from You & Increase Conversions


1. Availability & Scarcity

Show a text when you have less products in stock like “only 5 items left”. So, people hurry up and buy now before they sold out.

2. Novelty

Sell new things. The new trendy things makes it into people’s heart especially kids and young people.

3. Authority

When a public figure sell anything, fan boys will tend to buy this thing. If you can hire a public figure to tell people to buy your products, do it. If you can be a public figure, start your fame now.

4. Urgency

Try to make it urgent to buy your products. For example, “if you buy it today, you’ll get it tomorrow with free delivery”, so people buy it now to get the benefits. There are too many other examples, such as “get it now for 9.99 instead of 12” which is a timed offer.

5. Reason Why

If your product has a legitimate reason why people buy it, tell them how your solution (product) solves their problem.

6. Having a Common Enemy or a Common Goal

If your company or product has a common enemy or a common goal with the buyers, tell them. For example, If you buy this product, half of the revenue will be spent on poor people in hospitals. Another example, when you buy this product, you’ll help reducing CO2 emissions and make earth green again.

Some other common goals:

Some other common enemies:

7. Anticipation

Leaks about upcoming products such as “Apple gonna release a Macbook, I’ll buy it”.

8. Social Proof

Nobody wants to be the first one to buy from unknown company. So, you need to have some good reviews and testimonials and star rating.

9. Significance

Try to show people how your product make them look good.

10. Community

Add people who purchase you courses in a secret Facebook group to help each other. This group is for those people only to discuss with each other and get your opinion on things about the course they purchased.

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