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Popsicle - Linux utility for flashing multiple USB devices in parallel


Popsicle is a tool made by Pop! OS team. It is a simple tool to create bootable USB drive/stick. It is pre-installed on Pop! OS Linux distribution.

Popsicle bootable USB tool

Popsicle details in brief

Features Value
Open source Yes, on Github
Free (of charge) Yes
Programming language Rust
can create a bootable Linux disro Yes
can create a bootable Windows No
Multilanguage (spoken languages) Yes
English (the universal language) Yes
uptodate yes, updated 3 days ago

How to use Popsicle to create bootable USB sticks ?

It is simple. Just open Popsicle, choose ISO image of an operating system, click next, select a USB stick or more, click next. And wait until the tool finishes the task.

Note: you can create two or more bootable USB sticks of one operating system in parallel. Just select the USB sticks, and it’s done.

Why another tool ?

There are rufus, unetbootin, BalenaEtcher and Ventoy. So no need for another tool for creating a bootable image USB stick! wait a second..

I think we need another tool. Every tool has its weakness and errors. If the distro maintainers also maintain a tool to create bootable USB drives, it is good. I know that is kind-of a duplicated effort! but there is a vision behind each software tool, and that vision usually vary from developer to another, and from organization to another.

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