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Is Ubuntu Good for Programming?

If Ubuntu has the tools for programming. Source Code Editors code : VS Code. vim neovide : The snappiest vim editor you are likely to find. text editor gedit PyCharm-Community : The most intelligent Python IDE. Sublime Text : Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. notepad-plus-plus : a free source code editor. Android Studio : The IDE for Android. phpstorm Eclipse IDEA Community notepadqq IDEA Ultimate webstorm CLion PyCharm EDU RubyMine Rider Apache NetBeans goland code-insiders tpad : Terminal text editor with GUI-like user interface.

Is Elementary OS Good for Programming?

If Elementary OS has the tools for programming. Source Code Editors code : the source code editor provided by Elementary OS team. Visual Studio Code : Visual Studio Code. Code editing. Redefined. Android Studio : IDE to develop Android apps in Kotlin / Java / Dart (Flutter). Arduino IDE : electronic prototyping platform. Atom : text editor. BlueJ : Java IDE. Bluefish : text editor with many web software development extras.

How to promote iOS app?

submit your app for review on websites Add your app as an alternative is a website to list apps and software tools and their alternatives. Submit your app as an alternative to some categories of apps or a specific app. Reddit Announce that your app is alive and they can use it for blah blah blah. Post to threads that are probably want your app functionality.

Go vs PHP 8 Performance

Compiled language vs Scripting language Compiled code is faster than scripts with order of magnitude. Even after using a Just-in-time (JIT) compiler for PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 , PHP still slower than Go. Go is a clear winner. Concurrency Go has concurrency as a built-in first class citizen. But PHP is good old language with no concurrency or parallelism in mind. The parallelism is achieved by executing scripts as a different process.

Filesystem Comparison: Ext4 vs Xfs vs Zfs vs Btrfs

Linux is known of giving us choices. You can choose your distro, desktop environment, .. and filesystem. Your choice of filesystem will impact performance, reliability, efficiency and security. So you need to know your fs options and alternatives. According to wikipedia, filesystem (fs) controls how data is stored and retrieved. Ext4 the defacto standard for desktop Linux distributions. journaling file system, so it is less likely to be corrupted by a crash or eletricity short.

Photoshop CC Missing Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut? - [Fixed]

The shortcut Ctrl + M is to edit curves in Adobe Photoshop. If you click Ctrl + Alt + M, the previously used curve will be shown. But on some laptop / PC computers, Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut seems NOT WORKING. NVidia GeForce graphics card capture that shortcut, so Photoshop doesn’t see the shortcut at all. The way to fix this issue is to remove the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M from graphics card experience settings.

What is the best Ubuntu version for developers ?

If you are a developer and want to develop on Linux for Android or Web or Linux, you need a stable performant version of Ubuntu. Stability and Updates Ubuntu has two main versions according to updating and upgrading; Long-term support (LTS) version and yearly upgrade version. Long-Term Support (LTS) Ubuntu Ubuntu LTS is the version of operating system that is supported for 5 years of bug fixes and security fixes updates.

Remove Exact Frames vs Force 24 Fps

Removing exact frames Video is composed of too many images, images come and go. We call each of those images a frame. So, if the video plays 30 images in time of a second, we call it is 30 frame-per-second video. We recording videos, there are some scenes with less motion which makes two or more adjacent frames (images) exactly the same. So we can compress those two identical images as one image, and reduce the total size of the video.

About Clarity

Clarity in Programming I hate it when clarity is not present. If you are a software developer trying to learn a programming language that has too many high level abstractions, you’ll feel it. It is almost magic when it works. But when you face a bug or error, the frustration is too big , and the problem’s complexity is doubled or tripled as it is not CLEAR. The answer is not to code in a low level language!

Why I recommend Mark Text as a markdown text editor ?

Mark Text is a great markdown text editor. Advantages of Mark Text simple and easy to use Realtime preview (WYSIWYG) : a.k.a seamless writing/editing with distraction-free writing experience fast enough and efficient open source software free of charge. Markdown extensions such as math expressions (KaTeX), front matter and emojis. export as HTML or PDF. support dark mode paste images directly from clipboard (a.k.a you can copy-and-paste an image). edit modes : source code mode, typewriter mode and focus mode.